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Welcome to the Bee Swarm Simulator wiki. We’re a community website that allows you to find out all the quests, bees, codes and ability tokens so that you can know when to do something in the game. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started! There will be some pages that say View Source. This is because the page has been protected to prevent editing.


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This wiki is all to do with Roblox's Bee Swarm Simulator developed by Onett. Links down below to the game, his twitter and his group.




Bee Swarm Simulator:

Bee Swarm Simulator Group:!/about

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Robux Shop/Black Bear Update (18th April 2019)

- Black Bears Egg Hunt quest is now easier!

- Bear Bee Discounted!

- 2 Game passes discounted!

- People who had already completed Black Bears Egg Hunt quest got given something!

Egg Hunt 2019 Update (17th April 2019)

- 3 Plastic Eggs hidden in the map!

- Every NPC except for Onett and Honey Bee has an Egg Hunt quest!

- New Egg Hunt info!

- New Badges!

- New Marshmallow Bee which you can trade 3 for a badge and an avatar item!

- New Jelly Beans!

- New Jelly Beans location!

April 5th 2019 Update

- 20 New Black Bear quests!

- New Micro Converter!

- New Field Dice!

- 2 New Tools!

- Player List gone!

- Chat moved to where the Player List used to be!

- Festive Bee is now for sale in the Ticket Tent!

- Gummy Bee now costs 2,500 Gumdrops and is next to the Ant Challenge!

- Pine Tree Forest changed

- Balancing Changes

February 1st 2019 Update

- New Honey Bee NPC!

- Tokens from Mobs now drop except for when you get a amulet!

- When a quest is completed you get a notification and it pops up in the chat!

Christmas Update (December 25th 2018)

- New Night Bell!

- New Festive Bean

- New Festive Sprout

- New packs!

- Bear Bee discounted!

- 700 Ticket offer!

- Honey day Event!

December Update (December 19th 2018)

- New Festive Bee!

- New packs!

- New Travelling Bear

- 5 New Science Bear quests!

- New Map Theme: Winter Theme!

- New Present item!

For updates before these a Updates page will get created in the future.


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